(A)sexual Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Izzy

I am coming to terms with being asexual but still being involved with a partner because while I have no desire to receive from her I do love to give and make her happy. I’ve never seen that on film and would love to see that relationship as normal because while I do believe it is, it took me 20+ years to come to that and representation matters so it doesn’t take someone else that long.

Asexual girl (me) comes home to her partner getting ready to go out for the night. Their partner is dressed to the nines smells amazing and looks over to me and smiles wide and easy.

I come over and hug her and smell her scent. I pull her face to mine and kiss her slowly. This is all I need. She gives me her list look I kiss her neck and the sex begins ending off with her finishing and me cuddling then she fixes herself up to go out.