A Public Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By beyondconfessor

We like to play a game sometimes. We go out to parties. Dinner parties, friends' parties, house warming parties, anything that lets me dress in my favourite black dress. She likes to tease me before I go out, kiss my neck and let me ride her thigh so she knows I'm not wearing any underwear, but before we do anything, get to the real fucking, she tell me we're going to be late and she doesn't have time to have sex with me.

And then, at the party, I sit next to her and feel the warmth of her hand on my thigh, of it, sliding up the slit of my dress, knowing she'll find me eager and wet for her. Each moment is a tease, not knowing if she'll finger me underneath the dinner table, or if she'll just stroke patterns over my thigh.

All that cacophony of a party melts away when she touches me, and it's all I can do to focus on her perfume, the way her fingers slide over my skin, the way she looks at me and knows that I'll do anything she asks if she'll just please, please touch me where I need her.

I live for that moment where we're alone in a public space. Last time, she wore a strap to a party and I felt it every time she brushed past me. And finally, when we were walking home, I'd had enough of waiting for her. We were only a few blocks from home but I ached from all of her teasings that night. I pulled her aside into an alleyway that stunk of wet cardboard, and I kissed her hard, biting at her lip and sucking on it, tugging at the lapels of her jacket, urging her closer as she laughed and told me how 'needy' I was for her.

"Please," I said to her, between kisses, between moments of her hands combing through my hair. And she paused, tugging my head back so I looked up at her. "Please what?" "Please fuck me." She was so fucking proud of herself. And that sound of a belt buckle coming undone had never sounded so sweet as that moment I felt her press me against the wall and push the skirt of my dress up to my waist before she fucked me. It was urgent like we weren't sure if we'd live until tomorrow, and I remember feeling as if the golden lamplights blurred against the wet streets seemed so weirdly beautiful.

I came so hard in that alleyway. I remember her mouth pressing against mine to soften my cries as I felt as if I had finally reached the height of ecstasy.