A Picnic in Lockdown

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RA Lover

My partner and I have a long-distance relationship. We love the way our relationship works. We speak to each other every day and spend a weekend together every fortnight as well as other times when we can. We are both very independent people and value our autonomy, our relationship works for us in a way that being together would not. This year our cities both went into lockdown and being unable to see each other has been really hard. We have made the best of it watching xConfessions together over video, sexting, writing each other sexy letters, and buying each other toys for delivery by mail. But we both need to feel touch against our skin. We both need a warm breath on our ear and neck, a finger delicately moving from face to neck, to breast, stomach and groin. Recently my partner's city made a concession to lockdown. People could meet in small groups for a picnic in the outdoors, but not in each other's homes. The first day of this concession has become known as picnic day. My partner received a message from an ex-lover that she had not seen in a long time. He sent her a short video, it showed him packing things in a picnic basket, bread, charcuterie, cheese... condom, lube and a vibrator. There was no text just the video and a question mark. My partner called me excited, nervous, curious, afraid. She asked me if it would hurt me if she took up the offer. I was so excited and happy. I knew my partner missed touch! I told her how much I love her and that her body and actions are her own, I will still love her regardless. She messaged her ex lover and they arranged to meet. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. My partner messaged when she was leaving for her picnic, she sent me a photo of what she was wearing. And again she messaged me when she arrived at the national park that they had agreed to meet. My partner went quiet then for a few hours and my anticipation was palpable. I must confess I masturbated a few times in those quiet hours, imagining what my partner must be doing/feeling. Much later that afternoon I finally got a text from her. She asked me if I am ok. She was feeling a bit afraid she might have hurt me and ashamed of what she had done. I told her that I loved her and was full of excitement and had been masturbating and fantasising about the picnic. She was incredibly relieved and started to tell me what had happened during her picnic. How she had enjoyed her ex-lover's company, they had caught up on old times and ate an amazing lunch. After lunch he asked to kiss her and she was a little embarrassed and nervous and had said yes. They made love to each other passionately in a sunny little glade on a picnic rug in a national park. They enjoyed each other's bodies and the touch of each other's skin. My partner and I had amazing phone sex that evening and talked about her lovemaking in a great deal. She has another picnic organised next weekend and I can't wait to hear what happens next time.