A Night With the Enemy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By snowprincess

I have that dream that later became a fantasy. I find myself in a hotel where I take the elevator. Enter behind me my enemy, powerful and smart. He tells me he's having a party tonight in suite # 7 and that I'm invited. I tell him I'll think about it without showing any enthusiasm and as he gets off the elevator, I smirk, flattered by the invitation. In the evening, I go to suite # 7 out of curiosity. The room is packed, people are celebrating everywhere. I look around for him, unable to find him. That's when I hear him call out to me from behind me. He's sitting on a couch, chatting, and he's clearly the one leading the party. He invites me to come and sit with them. As the discussion progresses, our hands touch and intertwine and we end up kissing passionately. He snaps his fingers, and everyone leaves the room at this signal, leaving us to satisfy each other for an evening, knowing full well that we will become enemies again the next day.