A Mermaid's Tale

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Junkman

One summer eve I decided I to conquer my fear of the sea and its inhabitants. I fought my way into the waves until I lost my footing. My panic increased as I spotted something with blue scales circling around me. I squealed when its slippery skin brushed against my leg. I tried to retreat to the beach but the creature—a woman?—lunged into my arms.

She was naked from the waist up but the rest of her was fish-like. I carried her to my beach towel and as her body dried her fins became feet and split up into tight and tan legs. She resembled a woman but she was a creature of the sea. Her hair was dirty blonde with a tinge of green and the feel of sea kelp. She wore a living crown of small crabs, sea snails, and other molluscs. The jaws of seahorse clung to each of her ears. Sand dollars covered her areolae. The place her pubic hair should have been looked more like a miniature coral reef, covered with barnacles and sea vegetation.

I tried to cover her up but she pushed the towel away and ripped down my shorts. She grabbed my sandy balls and squeezed them hard. I shrieked in terror and she stopped briefly, with a look of curiosity. She then grabbed my dick and squeezed it even harder, matching the beat of my quickening heart. When she yanked me down by my cock and covered my face in sea-salt saliva, I became stone in her hands.

From what I can gather, it was mating season and she was likely brought to me—a fish in heat—by an unexpected current. When she bent over for me I could see a starfish covering the entry to her pussy. When it made way for me and I slipped inside her I felt like I was crossing a hazardous line—moral, even environmental. I could feel something like anemones cleansing me for this princess of the sea. She wanted me like an animal, squeezing my ass until I was fucking her hard enough. As I started to cum she pulled me out. I erupted on the towel just as she squirted—as if out of a blowhole—creating a puddle of inter-speciel love. She grabbed the towel and escaped back to the sea with my progeny in hand.