A Long and Hard Way Home

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Peachy Sky

My partner and I are on the bus home from a party. It is late and the bus is pretty empty. As I look over at him, I see that he has an erection through his trousers. I start touching it and before we know it his penis is out and I am giving him a hand job. Being incredibly turned on he tells me that he is about to come – to avoid the mess on the bus I finish him off with a blow job. Although he just finished, he is so turned on that he is ready to go again right after. As we get off the bus he can’t wait to get home. He leads me off the main street behind a building and roughly bends me over a park bench. He pulls up my tight tube dress and pulls down my underwear. He licks his fingers before putting them in my ass, to quickly replace them with his penis. He fucks me hard – with one hand around my throat – without any hesitation or regard to the fact that we are outside. Being completely absorbed by the moment, he finishes with a moan. I pull down my dress as soon as he pulls out but forget about the underwear, leaving them on the ground as we walk off.