A kiss through the roof

A Sexual Fantasy

— By -L-

During my high school time, there was a boy who I met on parties quite often. He was not just nice, charming and funny, but also very good looking. We were making out a couple of times and boy oh boy... I have never met a better kisser so far. No sex, just kissing. At one party, we sneaked away and ended up making out on a shed's roof. We wanted to switch positions and I sat myself onto his lap when suddenly... the roof burst. We managed to jump off and luckily nobody was hurt. Today, 15 years later and in my fantasy, I imagine that we had fallen through the roof into the shed and onto a huge but soft haystack. There we continue kissing but this time we also go a little bit further... I still think of him every now and then, always with a smile on my face but also regretting that I never had the courage to ask him out for a real date to get to know him better. I hope he remembers me and our time with the same smile on his face.