A Helping Hand

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fantasyfox

I love watching porn with women. It's great foreplay and a great way to find out each other's sexual desires and do's & don'ts. I think it would be hot to meet a woman at a party and after a long night of talking and flirting invite her back to my place specifically to watch porn. We would watch a handful of videos, taking our time, fondling ourselves and each other very gently and slowly at first. We would take turns choosing videos that personally turn us on of all different genres. Our time would be divided by watching the hot sex on the flat screen and watching each other masturbate. Finding out how each other likes to be touched. We talk dirty to each other about the sexual acts in the porno and what we'd like to do to each other and sexual adventures we'd like to share. We'd tease each other with our mouths from time to time while the other watches the film. Eventually I'm sure we'd get around to fucking but we may have a few orgasms first... Unlike most porn though, I'd want this to end with the woman cumming all over the face of the man as she sprays warm silky pussy juice all over my face after I like to extreme orgasm. After her final orgasm it would be my turn to finish and I would fuck her hard doggystyle. My hands would have a tight grip on her ass as I blew my final load into her tight wet pussy.