A Good Ironing

A Sexual Fantasy

— By spacetoast

I'm on my way to a board meeting for the company I work at but am running a little late this morning. I usually iron my shirts before I Ieave. I like them freshly pressed. Unfortunately, last night the power went out and left our alarm clock dead. While I was in the shower, my wife crawled out of bed and ironed my shirt for me. I put on my pants and went into the other room so I could get started ironing my shirt. I found her in a white nightie. The morning sun covered her body in way that left the nightie see-through and a warm glow covering her body. She was bending over the ironing board looking for something she dropped. From where I stood, her shirt was pulled up, revealing nothing underneath; all I could see was her bare ass and nipples peaking through. I snuck up behind and caressed her. Then we kissed and made love with her bent over the ironing board.