A dull afternoon%.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Always exploring sexuality

You were in baggy jeans a grubby t shirt. I was in old shorts and a vest. We were in the kitchen on a dull afternoon when our eyes met. Suddenly we were lusty 18-year-olds again. Your t shirt joined my vest on the floor. Your nipple hardened with my urgent sucking as your jeans slid down to land on my discarded shorts. What clever planning by 40-year-old me to buy a sturdy kitchen table that supports my wife lying back and demanding I enter. And stands its ground as two middle-aged teenagers make wild, lusty love like they did all those years ago and will in all the years to come. You put back on my old shorts and vest. I am back in your baggy jeans and grubby t shirt. No afternoon with you is ever dull.