A Dessert of Ice And Fire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Quinn

You kiss down my spine, slow, delicious… then, a burn of wax makes me jump, makes my heart stutter with arousal. Your mouth follows it, soothing. More wax, dripping slow from the curve of my ass down to the hollow of my waist. And your tongue keeps following… licking… sucking… kissing. Cold sears the line of wax Sliding down my backside: ice. The cold drips further, down into the wetness of my cunt. When you let wax fall between my shoulder blades, the ice echoes the movement across my clit, and I whimper. I feel your hand sliding up my back, steady and firm, and then your other hand, cold as ice, slides your fingers deep inside me. The cold snaps my ass upward, sets my breath heaving and my mouth moaning. You love that noise, so you flip me, and before I know what’s happening, there’s the dark ooze of chocolate sauce on my nipples. Your mouth covers it, licking and sucking it clean, flicking your tongue in that way that sends my belly clenching. You eat my whole body, drizzling me with sweetness and consuming me whole, your fingers flexing mercilessly deep inside my cunt. I’m sobbing and writhing in pleasure when I come, and my juices flood your hand and squirt up between us, soaking my body. We are tangled in chocolate and cum and we are satisfied and worn.