Karyn Hunt

Porn photograph

Karyn grew up in a small town in Nevada surrounded by abandoned trailer parks and mystery. She became intrigued by desolate spaces and serendipitously her first camera, an abandoned Canon AE-1, in a derelict trailer. Since that moment Karyn developed a passion for documenting everything around her.

The ability to see beauty and potential in almost any circumstance makes Karyn a unique and sought after photographer and stylist.

She received her MFA from the University of Arizona in 2007 and has since established herself as a coveted, talented, and innovative photographer and stylist in the field and most recently the lead wardrobe stylist for Kink.com, the most popular fetish site in the world.

Karyn now lives in Berlin, Germany where she continues to work as a professional photographer and stylist.

She was the stills photographer for the XConfessions Guest Directed film Moist by Poppy Sanchez.

Porn Photos by Karyn Hunt