Bruna Pujadas

Porn photograph

Bruna Pujadas was born in 1996 in Barcelona. After finishing her photography studies at the IEFC University, she did a Postgraduate Degree in Fashion Photography. Now she works as a photographer in Barcelona.
Photography helps her express herself. When she tell stories. When she make a microsecond immortal. It's my passion.
She loves to socialize, meet people, solve problems, finish the impossible for yesterday, one challenge after another ...
Thanks to this, today she has a hybrid profile that allows her to offer her professional services both in the field of photography and in the production management of any artistic project.

Some of her projects have been exhibited in the Tigomigo room in Terrassa, specialized in young talents, BFOTO Emerging Photography festival. She has also collaborated in the Documentary Rewind which deals with the process of creating a documentary project and she has participated in a conference at the Mediterranean Photography Forum (Tunisia).