Ana Cuba

Porn photograph

Ana Cuba is a photographer whose work spans portraiture, fashion, landscape and still life. Vibrant and dynamic, her practice celebrates the individual. Deep, vivid colours and unexpected compositions combine in each shot, to create playful, compelling scenes that live on in the mind of the viewer. She works quickly and intuitively, connecting with her subjects and amplifying their originality, with curiosity, sensitivity and a sense of humour. 

Movement is a recurring theme in Ana’s work, too. Through her lens, subjects are captured dancing or reclining, laughing to themselves or interacting with one another, every gesture and facial expression an organic and easeful articulation of their humanity. Her personal work ranges from tender portraiture and abstract images of the human body, to vast, otherworldly landscapes and idiosyncratic urban scenes.

Ana Cuba was born in Spain. She is based in between East London and Barcelona.