Martina Matencio

Martina Matencio's photographs coexist in a universe of contained nostalgia and melancholy, where light and emotions are perpetual. Subtle, sad or melancholic emotions, but cheerful at the same time. 

Martina studied artistic photography at Serra i Abella school, specialized in the use of natural light and the representation of the body, mainly female. Day by day, she demonstrates through her photos that feminine beauty exists in all bodies, not for their physiognomy, but for the emotion that emanates from them in an imperceptible way. Through her photos, she reflects the delicacy of the female soul with its lights and shadows. 

Calm and tranquility are fundamental in her creative process, they allow her to be carried away by what she feels in the moment, inspiring herself as the sun enters the set. 

Since she was 16 she experimented with photography and by the age of 20, it was her way of life. Her relationship with photography began when she had to take care of a sick child while hospitalized. It was at that moment when she discovered that taking photos of the boy, who also suffered from a mental illness, was the best way to contribute and bring something to the world. 

In 2017 she published her first book Tus ojos, mis manos (Stendhal) with the actress Alba Ribas. She has worked internationally in cities such as L.A, London and Japan, among others, and for brands such as Netflix, Armani, Vogue or Lula Japan.