Layse Almada

Layse Almada, identifies as a non-binary person of fluid gender. She is an illustrator and tattooist and was born and raised in northern Brazil and currently lives in the city of São Paulo. She graduated in fashion and is currently studying a Postgraduate Degree in Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality. She started working independently with illustrations in 2013 and has been published in Playboy Colombia, Ideia Fixa magazine, Vice Brasil and others, as well as participated with various TV shows such as Decora by GNT, Amor e sexo, and others. She also work as a tattoo artist, where she found a way to work on self-esteem and body image through authorial drawings. For her, drawing emerged as a form of self-analysis and visual communication with other people. She understands that drawing can go beyond representation concerning identity construction, and can be about a discussion of existence in society – being seen, being heard. In her drawings she seeks to approach self-knowledge as a starting point and sexuality as a way of breaking taboos and making visible the diversity of bodies. Through the representation of nudity, she tries to propose a perspective where she leaves the normative role of object and assumes the creation of narrative, questioning herself and proposing the questioning of the construction of femininity and masculinity; eroticism and all that the word means; patterns of a patriarchal society; and heteronormativity. "I believe that the power to exist is also in the daily exchanges of affection and in how one lives. Talking about gender and sexuality from this perspective where we were born, we build and understand each other, can break gender expectations and naturalize the possible forms of relationships between us."