Ashleigh's Feet

BY Geekly Stud
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I've always had a fetish for cute feet. My best friend Ashleigh and I had grown up together, and because of that, we knew pretty much everything about each other. Ash would tease me about my foot fetish, but in a playful manner, not to hurt my feelings. One day, around the time we left high school and were entering college, she asked me to come help her pack her things up. When I arrived, Ash was in her booty shorts, a loose tank, and sans any footwear. She had the sexiest feet ever! In all of our years of being friends, I never really glanced at her feet, or saw them sexually. That changed. To keep a long experience short, she stripped for me, undressed me, then gave me the best mindblowing foot job ever.

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Nate Walton is a photographer out of Los Angeles. His incredible work and vintage style represents a new libertine generation with distinctly Californian flair.

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