An Appointment with my Lover

BY Jeannie_HW4

The way I was dressed this Friday afternoon I could have been out for a day at the farmer’s market or furniture shopping. Very casual with a long Tunic dress, short nearly flat boots, oversized hat, large sunglasses and a very large satchel purse. I glanced at my phone to look up the door codes to the apartment building a nice looking man walked out of the front door without more than a smile and a glance.

When I entered the apartment it was empty and I knew I had almost an hour, so I opened some wine and removed my dress. That revealed something completely different. Underneath the bohemian outfit I have on is a tightly packed demi-cup push up bra that almost covers my nipples, black and red panties and a matching black and red Garter belt holding up black seamed silk stockings. I removed my short boots that were covering the last of those seams and reached into my purse for my make-up and 5-inch platform Patent leather black heels with silver studs down the back.

I touch up my makeup and perfume and put on some music. In less than 30 minutes he will be here and I will be devouring him sexually like I have done a couple times before. This feels like an appointment as many of these sexy meetings with men and women do. I am very mixed emotionally, feeling one-part whore, one-part slut, one-part sexual adventurer but not defined by any of those or any term I can think of. One constant is that my mostly short term friends/clients and I always enjoy great sex and I am really having a great time.

After my appointment I will be picked-up and off for a quiet dinner with my husband where he may, if he would like, be turned on by a recap of the sexy details of my day. What exactly am I doing? I don’t know, but I like it.

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  • 123Moondog
    Love the husband's understandjng role here!
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Nymphainna is a catalan artist based in Barcelona focused on illustrating Love and Erotic art with bright and colorful artwork. Her approach is sex positive, woman friendly and related to the emotions. After her studies in Fine Arts and several years traveling around Europe where she worked promoting other artists, she decided to paint again in order to express her constant interest in romantic love, couple relationships and sexual eroticism. Now she is a full time artist who paints people's bodies attempting to capture moments of sexual intensity with a delicate outline of sensual energy and tenderness, her paintings are like an orgy of colors fucking each other on canvas. You can follow her erotic journey through her social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest.