The Benefits of Being Poly

by thereshouldbemoreofthis

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This is a confession of a dream that became reality. My girlfriend had invited her other long-distance boyfriend last weekend to my apartment. All I knew about him was his public Facebook profile and a few stories she had told me. I was nervous about becoming jealous at the sight of them being close and at the same time excited about the possibility to explore bisexuality - the only time I had kissed a guy was at a festival, but your few guy-on-guy scenes always triggered my interest.

The weekend turned out to be amazing - the three of us immediately connected. First on an emotional level, but soon also in bed. There was a constant excitement in the air as the other guy and I slowly explored what each other was comfortable with while at the same time taking joint care of our girlfriend. When we were all dancing in a thunderstorm still shaking from the last orgasm, we knew that this wouldn't be the last weekend.

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  1. 123Moondog says:

    Whoever said, three is a crowd?

  2. Dumbledorado says:

    would be pleased to see this as a film

  3. jjmaine says:

    please make this as a film, Erika!

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