She Groped Me by the Groceries

by dieyoungstaypretty

Coming on August 24
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Director: Lidia Ravviso
Performers: coming soon ...
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I never normally do the shopping with headphones. But this time I thought I would isolate myself from distractions. I was close to the dairy products when I noticed; She is trying to get my attention, gesturing at the height of my eyes, and when I removed my earphones she asked me if I spoke English. I helped her find the eggs and to weigh the vegetables, and received her thanks. In a short time I completed my shopping. When I reached the checkout she was still in the queue, 3 or 4 customers before; bored by the long line, at one point she turned around and recognized me, flashing a radiant smile. After paying, I left the supermarket and headed toward the parking lot. Just around the corner I felt myself seized by the arms and dragged into a dark closet; There were brooms in a corner and steel shelves full of detergents. The door closed behind me and I realized it was her. She put her hands around my neck and began to kiss. Seconds later she broke away looking at me with a mischievous expression; She kept her eyes planted on me as she knelt and undid my belt. She licked for a few seconds the upright rod before taking it in her mouth; I put my hand through her hair to accompany the movements of her head as she pumped. After a few minutes she stood up, took off her panties and put her hands against the wall, her back to me. She ordered me to stick it in her ass and to come inside her; I lifted her dress and slid my fingers into her wet pussy, then rubbed her little hole to lubricate it. I penetrated, slowly savouring her muffled cries and the muscles stiffened. I sank into her and nibbled her neck, blowing on her ear. After a few more thrusts I released my hot seed. We remained motionless inside each other until our pounding hearts subsided; She broke free, she gave me one last kiss and in a moment was out. She had left the damp panties on the ground. I gathered myself and, after that, put them in my bag along with the rest of my shopping.

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