Sex Monster

by horneydude17

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Nikki Peck is an artist living and working in Vancouver B.C. Nikki illustrates a cast of characters and scenes that reflect her interest in contemporary society. She follows themes of nostalgia, coming of age, teenage hood, addiction, sexuality, sex positive issues, the female body and the male gaze. Nikki incorporates humour to promote feminism and important topics women face, pointing out the faults and double standards that society sets for women. Her approach is at once playful and meticulous.

Lately, I've been having these unstoppable fantasies about my partner having three vaginas, 2 penises, 7 arms, and 8 buttholes (but only a single crack). They're also incredible hairy, and every single arm has a multitude of eye balls on it. We have sex like 5 to 15 times within about 17 minutes. We are usually fucking in space. It's amazing. We are surrounded by stars and we watch the Earth slowly drift beneath us. It is a very romantic scene.

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