Public Submission

by kriehl

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Photo submitted by the author.
Adriana Eskenazi for XConfessions.

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 13:38
Comments by Erika Lust
Sexy Submission In The Gorgeous Outdoors! Maria and Mickey Have Such A Natural Chemistry, I Adore Them Together! We Have A Cameo From Two Youtube Stars Too... Sexy And Funny!

We live very near a famous climbing rock here in central Oregon. There are many climbing paths and some nice hiking routes among the rocks. You easily can deviate from the paths and have a little privacy but still be near the public. You can hear echos from all over the park…like “HEADS” as rocks fall from a climber or two. The sounds are so clear you would think the climbers are watching you.


I start by blindfolding her… then the clothes come off. She is tied to larger rocks and teased. We can hear hikers only a few feet below us, but they can not see us. The teasing continues with lots of moans and a few yelps from being spanked. I suddenly looked up from some massaging when I noticed two hikers watching. I put my finger up to my lips to make sure they stayed quiet. I could tell they were intrigued and wanted to continue to watch. After a few minutes I waved them over and motioned to still not make a noise. I show them that they needed to touch her and explore her body with me.


As soon as more than my hands were touching her it was like a switch was turned on. She was floating in a mindless state. I was able to take her while 6 hands touched and explored her whole body, she screamed and came so loud that echos were heard by everyone in that canyon. I have a feeling people were looking for the source. The couple we never saw again and I’m sure they have a very exciting story to share with their friends as do we.

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  1. I love the way you often arrange things so slightly over the top in a playfully ironic way;-). The first time the theatralic and impressive music started I experienced it to be totally akward and not fitting the tranquille nature and birds, but the more often it appeared in the movie the better it fit. Awesome filming!

  2. Well hello there, Hannah and Melanie 🙂 <3
    Great video! He seems so compassionate. I would love to switch places with the girl 😉 well done!

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