Feminist and Submissive

by maybe

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Director: Erika Lust
Guest Stars: Erika Lust, Daisy Bata
Production year: 2017
Film duration: 49:18
Comments by Erika Lust
What an incredible shoot! I guest star for the first time in one of my films as the host of a roundtable discussion, addressing the quesion "Can you be a feminist and submissive?". I roped in some voices from the BDSM industry, including a journalist and a sex worker, and we had the most interesting, insightful discussion! I was so glad to read this confession, because I know a lot of women identify as both feminist and submissive. The scene between Owen and Lina is also fantastically kinky, and I know you'll love it!

I see myself as a feminist. I like to challenge people on their opinions even if they are just a little bit sexist. I care about showing off my female sexuality, and I wish that this was more accepted in our society. My boyfriend probably thinks I聽would like to dominate a man and overrule him with my female sexuality. But my dirtiest fantasy is actually to BE聽dominated by man.
A random man who is so attracted by my female sexual expression that he can’t resist me. He would grab my filthy ass really hard and tell me that he is going to fuck me no matter what I say. He goes under my skirt and starts to eat my pussy, still with my panties on, while he tells me how much he loves my wet pussy and how much he’s wanted it for a long time. He will rip off my clothes and talk very dirty and harsh to me. He will lead the whole act, and I will enjoy being thrown around by a man who knows what he wants. There will be spanking, ass licking, pussy eating, dick sucking and a lot of sex poses that he demands. It will be very intense and in the end I will feel blown away as we both lie down sweaty and exhausted.

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29 responses to “Feminist and Submissive”

  1. Being feminist.

    Being dominated.

    Being treated like a dirty whore.

    Yes, that’s me. Yes, that’s.

    What’s the point? We just want it, and we have it.

    In the end, it is always us being “the master” 馃檪

    I hope to see it! 馃檪

  2. Wauw! I’m so thrilled to see that you are visualizing my feminist fantasy. Just as I am writing an exam paper on feminist film theory. Maybe i should analyze this short film for my next paper, haha.

    I’m looking forward to the film!

    Love from the feminist

  3. Maravilloso. Muy educativo. Gracias, Erika, por la buena labor que haces en la sociedad. No tenemos informaci贸n sobre BDSM y la poca que tenemos est谩 peligrosamente distorsionada. Es importante tener informaci贸n porque te pueden hacer mucho da帽o psicol贸gicamente aprovech谩ndose de eso. En tu v铆deo muestras un buen ejemplo que puede servir a muchas personas para saber c贸mo debe ser una sesi贸n y c贸mo no debe ser.

  4. What an amazing film! You have outdone yourself with this one Erika and the team. I really loved the honest conversations between the actors and they smiled so much that you could tell they were really enjoying each other.

  5. 驴Porqu茅 raz贸n transpiran tanto los performers?, supongo que el olor a sexo en el set deber铆a ser muy intenso. El es muy parecido a Steve Buscemi, la misma cara de pervertido. Muy intenso el video Erika, felicitaciones como siempre..

  6. Hello, I am a paying member and I literally can’t see the media player. And the “Contact Us” link doesn’t work. I mean, it is really upset. I appreciate your work very much and this is the second time I subscribe. When logged out, I could see the media player. Logged in, nothing. Please help!

    • Hey Erika, I’m struggling with the same issue, wrote you guys an email – excited to get back in and watch this one, looks amazing!

  7. Watching Owen be such a nice guy in all these films just makes it all the more hilarious when he’s slightly out of character, like in “sweet but psycho”…kind of like watching a beloved friend of yours have sex. 馃檪

  8. Mindblowing film. You put so much focus on the characters and the communication between them it is hard to believe one is actually watching a porn movie. Would there not be all the beautiful porn …

    • <3 I hope you liked the roundtable too! :) I wouldn't say these two are characters - that is real communication and enjoyment, neither of them were performing - at least, that's what it felt like on set!

    • @Erika: Well, I am always wandering about how much of the pleasure and emotions that one sees in (your) porn movies is “real” and how much is “acting”. Watching your movies (especially this one), it feels totally real (especially compared to “mainstream” porn) but until now I always thought this is just your brilliant cinematography, filming, directing or your talented performers that just creates this illusion. Maybe it is time to watch some of your “making of” movies to get an insight into this question and the situation and atmosphere behind the camera. Maybe you could include an interview with some of your actors into on of these making of movies, talking about their personal experiences during the shoots and about the question how much is acting and how much is just pure sensation and communication.

      Anyway, big thanks to you and your whole team, Erika, to open the door into this whole new chapter of pornography. It actually feels weird to call your movies “porn movies” as most of this big ocean of movies called porn movies totally lacks exactly this chemistry between two humans what essentially makes sex so interesting. Contrary to what many believe (maybe due to watching too much dull pornography or due to to less open exchange on the topic due to societies taboos) sex is much more about communication than it is about physical sensation. Or better: It is the strong and explosive cocktail of the two. Your films beautifully and intensely capture this cocktail.

      And yes, the roundtable was equally interesting. A very interesting aspect of your work is that it is totally not restricted to the pure visualizing of sex but focuses on the political or, better, sociological side of the interaction between the sexes too. The creme de la creme of your work happens, when both mix and join and you create such equally beautiful but also thought provoking movies like this one (or similarly but with another topic in the “Pansexuals” movie). Feel encouraged to include more of such background or personal info into your movies :-).

      And finally it is really interesting to learn something personal about your performers that they also seem to bring into your movies. (The blond cook in the roundtable features in the fight club movie, does she?). To sum it up: a masterpiece 馃檪 !

    • To clearify: This sentence:

      “Feel encouraged to include more of such background or personal info into your movies :-). ”

      refers to the very last paragraph about the personal background of your performers. 馃槈

  9. @Lina Bembe: Not sure whether you read this here, but there is no better place like the XC site to post this: I just read your very interesting thoughts about how shooting porn also changed you privately on this blog: https://lustery.com/blog/naked-sweaty-me-on-screen.
    After having spend some considerable time here on XC during the last days (maybe a bit too much ;-)), watching these beautiful films you folks are making here and, more important, thinking about the sociological and personal aspects you put such strong focus on I have to add this: Also just watching these movies has strong impacts on the thoughts of the viewer. In the same way, the dull stereotypes of the big majority of mainstream porn may influence the viewers psychology by deepening and strengthening such stereotypes, watching intelligent and meaningful films like the ones here can really have the opposite, liberating and empowering effect. At least for me I can say that watching these movies really changed my perception of the interactions of society and sexuality and my personal view on my own sexuality. What nicer way can there be to make a change for a better society than by having sex and making it into such beautiful pieces of art like you folks do here ;-)?

  10. Wow that movie was extraordinary… ! The round table at the end was great. Thank you for not just showing was real sex and real BDSM looks like but also by talking about it.

  11. I love the film. Beautifully lit, great chemistry and just the right amount of kinky. It has inspired me in so many ways. And I love Owen Gray’s take on being dominant. Exactly how I would want a dominant to treat me, with an element of humor and passion and nurturing. So good! And lastly because I really can’t get this out of my head. I love love love Lina’s lingerie in the shoot. Who makes it?

  12. I really liked the round table at the end. I think there’s a lot more to explore and to discuss with your crowd, xc team! I caught interest when one of the girls said most women show dominance with one night stands because its kinda the accepted standard.. why is that?

  13. After reading Fifty Shades of Grey and now especially after watching this film, I have become very intrigued with BDSM and am quite interested to try it myself but am wondering where I could find someone experienced in it, who I could do it with.

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