Female Ejaculation

by paulita_pappel

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Director: Paulita Pappel
Production year: 2016
Film duration: 13:51
Comments by Erika Lust
A fabulous guest direction by our beloved Paulita Pappel. Inspired by one of your confessions, this film was entirely produced & shot in Berlin. Turns out Paulita has a super talent behind the cameras as well! You go Paulita!

The first time I heard women could ejaculate, I knew that was the key to final emancipation. It is on my top ten list of things I want to learn to do before I die. A female cum shot – is there anything cooler than that?

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15 responses to “Female Ejaculation”

  1. This is great…I smile because I think at that point she was just getting warmed up. She wants to go again and again. They cum easier and faster after the first one.

  2. Sadie and Poppy Cox are by far my favorites. Sadie is exquisite in this one – she has such an allure of intense sexuality about her. She also comes like she means it and the chemistry between these two is second to none! Get Sadie back…pretty please! 🙂

  3. Kudos to you guys for not enforcing this “shave all your pubic hair” dogma that so much of the porn world (and outside world) seems to follow blindly … Interestingly it is again mostly women who are pressured (or pressure themselves) to follow it.

    • It’s an interesting subject! Because for some feminists they find it empowering, or necessary. It also depends on the kind of hair you have and how easily you can or can’t remove it – I think a lot of the conversation around pubic hair is focussed on white women and there’s a really interesting article on gal-dem.com about this very subject! http://www.gal-dem.com/shavingforwoc/

  4. First xconfessions I have watched and I will never be going back to mainstream porn again! I love how this made me feel the tension and passion before they have sex. This is the first porn I have ever watched that shows a strong independent woman! Can’t wait to watch more! Thank you for making these types of videos!

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