A Birthday Treat for My Favourite Woman

by pasharozhkov85@list.ru

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Based in Munich, this art-director would find in her pens and brushes the best escape from her daily corporate world. Her sketches, inspired by XConfessions, are made for colouring. Yssa wants us to lose ourselves while filling out those legs and breasts and ornaments.

We love each other... We value each other... We have no secrets... I know her secret desires. Today I will help to implement one of them. Today is her birthday... She in a beautiful evening dress, I wear a suit. We are ready for that to happen, but we still worry.
The doorbell rang...
It's the guests. Our good friends: Mary, a cute brunette and Ben a handsome black guy. They have long been together with each other... They love each other... And are always ready for new adventures. They know what needs to happen in the evening. And they are ready... But first, a celebratory dinner, talk, smile...
And here's the culmination of the evening…
I sit in the chair... Mary stands nearby leaning against the wall. My favorite woman in the center of the room in the arms of Ben. She had long dreamed of sex with him. This is our gift.
Her sex with Ben passionate... He dominates. She is given to his will. They both get pleasure. And I watch... I enjoy the spectacle. But Mary can't stay away. She goes to him... She doesn't undress. Mary caresses her body... Mary showers their bodies with kisses... The girls together give Ben a blowjob. They bring him to orgasm.
A dream come true… My favorite woman happy. Her body glistens from sweat. On his chest, a few drops of semen. She comes to me. She sits on my lap... Hugging me. And I hug her...

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