All wrapped up

BY Ehlana
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My partner loves being tied up and used, and I love to see him writhing in submissive pleasure. I've always fantasized about sharing this gorgeous creature with other women, so when my impossibly beautiful and sexually adventurous Spanish friend turned 30, I decided to turn him into an extra special gift for her to enjoy.

I took him to her flat above the tapas bar she owned, and wrapped him up carefully: mouth gagged, eyes blindfolded, hands and feet bound tight. I left a pretty gold bow tied around his cock, and a gift tag hanging from the collar around his neck: "A toy for you to play with on your birthday". He shook with anticipation and just a hint of fear as I arranged him in the perfect position on the rug in front of her fireplace. I kissed his forehead and told him I'd be back later to pick him up.

But instead of leaving, I hid and waited for my friend to come home. I watched as she entered the room and gasped with delight as she saw her present waiting for her on the rug. As she read the gift tag, I left my hiding place and approached her, raising my finger to my lips so she would stay quiet. "OK if I watch?", I mouthed. She nodded, blew me a kiss, and started to undress.

Time passed in an exquisite blur: my hand between my legs, my cunt on fire, as she pushed her toy to the limits, orgasming again and again, finally leaving him a sweaty, scratched up, cum soaked and thoroughly contented mess on the floor.

When she was done, she grabbed me by the hand and led me over to him. Together we gently finished unwrapping him and took him into the bathroom, where we cleaned him up and took a bath together. Later, we fucked again - bondage free this time - in her bed.

IT was the best birthday any of us had ever had.

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  • watcherer

    Love this! Wish I could have been the guy.

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