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Erika Lust Films is part of a new wave of ethical adult cinema production, challenging mass produced mainstream pornography.

The shift towards consuming organic produce instead of fast food is reflective of a more ethical, intelligent society. We want to encourage this type of consumerism within adult entertainment, through ethical production and distribution. These are the principles we follow to adhere to this sex-positive mantra:


Women’s pleasure matters.


Diversity is central to creating groundbreaking new cinema.


Pay every person fairly, from interns to performers.


Make work that you can be proud of. We have nothing to hide, because we are proud of what we do. Mainstream porn sites like don’t show who they are: no one showing face, no pride.


Our shootings are a safe sex environment, with every performer providing up to date STD checks - and performers choose whether they wish to use a condom


Every part of the shoot is discussed and agreed beforehand with all performers. We NEVER ask a performer to do something they have not agreed to or expect.


Every shoot includes multiple breaks, food and a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.


Every Director or studio we feature on our sites is paid commission from the sale of their films.

Erika Lust Films runs three online streaming platforms (Lust Cinema, Erotic Films and XConfessions); one store for downloads, toys and cosmetics; Erika Lust’s website including her prolific blog; and a non- profit project working to encourage sex education for young people: The Porn Conversation. Thank you for your support. Here’s to a future of ethical, adult cinema. You can contact Erika Lust at [email protected], you can reach our office calling to +34 931 59 69 69 or you can check it out here.

ErikaLust Films
and Charity Work

As ELF has started to grow, we’ve decided to share our success. From 2017 we have become monthly donors to the Red Umbrella Fund and Amnesty International. Both of these charities do vital work to support sex workers and the LGBTQIA+ community, and share our values for a better future of equality, diversity and acceptance. If you’d like to find out more, please click on the icons below.

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