Uncut, Color and Smile

BY KilledtheCat
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I fantasize that while having my hair cut, I'm spun to my right just as a woman is spun to her left in our respective chairs. We're both held hostage by our haircuts and we lock eyes, staring deep into each other. The murmur of the salon fades in an out and after our haircuts we meet at the door to the salon. We kiss. We make a mess of each other's hair. We stumble to the waiting area and have sex in front of everyone, but nobody watches.

We finish, put our clothes on and go on with our days.

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Megan is a 35mm photographer based in London. Her work has been featured in various magazines and was published in the Mammoth Book of Erotic photography 2014. She tends to shoot friends and avoid fashion models, never using Photoshop. She loves tan lines and body hair and her intention is to present female sexuality, intimately from a female gaze - giving a glimpse into the world of female sexuality from a women’s point of view.

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