Time Traveler

by TexasHolder

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ERRESULLALUNA and Chuli Paquin have lived and worked together in Parma, Italy, since 2012. Their pictures capture a symbolic moment when the models are no longer themselves, but become performers of their ideas and stories. They are fascinated by mythological issues, classicism and consciousness; by the banal equivalence of every human body and their paradoxical uniqueness.

I always wanted to travel in time, move to different places in the past. I would move to Paris in the 20th century and visit one of the decadent clubs where people of different all professions - artists, politicians, prostitutes, aristocrats, actresses and thieves - have fun. Men wear cylinders on their heads and women wear veils and pearls, smoking long cigarettes. Where absinthe is usually drunk a lot and there are no boarders between people and sexes. I would like to take part in one such orgy. Throughout the night I would lose myself in sex, I would lose control and lose the sense of time, using the unique absinthe.


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