Tailgate Party

BY Shine
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

I want to dress my fiancée up sexy, watch her get tipsy and seduce a man.
We cruise a resort here on Maui, she's in a tight minidress, no panties.
She drinks and dances in the lounge til Mr Right picks up on her.
They dance, drink, flirt, dance, and make out.
She heads ‘to the restroom’ and arranges for me to follow them out.
She leads him out to the edge of the parking lot where our SUV is.
I sneak around behind a nearby van to watch.
She drops the tailgate, sits him down, takes out his cock.
She pushes him onto his back, bends over and starts to blow him.
I sneak behind her and start licking her snatch.
I stand and start fucking her, he finally notices me.
She introduces me, I convince him to play along.
She comes and he shoots it in her mouth.
She stands, turns and kisses me with it.
I push her back onto his still hard cock.
She rides it fiercely while sucking my cock.
I ask her if she wants his cum inside her.
She affirms and cums hard, he shoots it in her cunt.
I thank and dismiss him, he gives a goodbye kiss on her ass.
I climb in and spoon her, fucking her sloppy cunt.
She tells me she wants to eat my cum.
She pushes me on my back and sucks me til I shoot.
She's completely worn out, satisfied, sleepy.
I tuck her in and shut the tailgate, drive away.

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  • Horny Couple
    O would love to do the same with my wife!
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