Skype Cheat

by mmagic

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My fiance is currently on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. We mostly communicate on Messenger and sometimes Skype. I fantasize about me calling him on Skype when he is lying in bed in his hotel room. We talk, and then suddenly I see some movement under the sheets. At first, I first think he is masturbating, but after a while I hear something. Giggling? Then I can see blond hair sticking out of the covers. It's a sexy american girl giving him a blow job. I feel jealous and aroused at the same time! I keep watching them having sex while I touch myself. He tells her how sexy she is and how she makes him feel. He looses more and more focus and gets really involved in his hot sex session. I get more and more horny and forget about my jealousy. I slowly undress while I watch and masturbate.

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