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BY Lea Fora

I'm a french girl, I'm 23 and I'm squirting often. I've a boyfriend, a good guy, very gentle and attentive, but he won't let me squirt on him, particularly on his face.

Ok, it's very hard tell it like this, but I love him so much and it must be a big gift for me to share my fantasy with him.

He won't to do that, because he's a man, and he's scared to hurt his ego. Only you, can prove that experience is feminist, erotic and mostly romantic with two loving people.

I would like to see a short film with this fantasy, made by an incredible woman and a professional erotic film director . It's very important, because your staff can understand this vision of the squirt.

Sorry for the bad english. I hope that this story can give you some ideas. I love pornography, but I prefer your industry.

Live Long Lust !

Watch Guest Director Paulita Pappel's homage to squirting below!

Your Comments

  • dieyoungstaypretty
    Why won't he let you squirt on him? He doesn't know what he's missing!
    • Tagster
      That has to be my favourite thing, and to drink my womans squirt, is like guzzling nectar. Heaven. ;-)
  • Oslofjordweg
    As a guy I'd love to see this.
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