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Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

A sunny morning-she is at an old tramway in beautiful Vienna & thoughts of the night before appear...
In front of the computer-reading articles on a parent platform when stumbling over ERIKA LUST & a big new exciting universe pops up...
She is thinking back of scenes with Luke Hotrod, a truly awesome & lovely tattooed porn actor when she shivers & realizes that she has to leave. An abrupt hold brings the guy next to her to fall & in the process of standing up, she discovers the same tattoos she has seen yesterday. In disbelief she starts to check closer & finally is brave enough to ask. It turns out, that he is indeed Luke Hotrod himself, visiting Vienna & on his way to sightseeing, asking her if she wants to join!
They both really enjoy their company & the scenic walks.
During a coffee break Luke asks her if she knows the legendary Hotel Orient. She smilingly tells how she came to see the rooms by buying vouchers for a birthday gift during her student time. Luke doesn´t know the over 300 years old mysterious transient hotel & insists on seeing it. So they end up with the receptionist showing them various rooms, when Luke manages to be left alone with her. While softly telling her that he decided trying to seduce her, he starts to kiss, caress & undress her while smiling. What follows is the most fascinating experience of highly valued adorable sex between two freely erotic partners with her having many delightful orgasms & Luke having big fun joining them.
Again back in the old tramway-her hair looks tousled, the people are different, the light warmer. She shivers, laughs & stands up to leave. She walks home with a big smile. As she enters her flat & hears a high enthusiastic scream, her smile gets even bigger. A little boy comes running, jumping on to her & hugging her quickly before running back into a bright room from which also an adorable guy appears giving her an intense hug while kissing her. She happily whispers some words into his ear & softly tickles his warm skin under his T-Shirt & they both follow their son into his world of play and joy.

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  • Erika Lust

    Dear Serendipity, Luke has a lot of fans among the XC community. I guess we will have to shoot with him again soon! In the meantime you can enjoy The Art of Spanking and Take Me Drunk, I'm Home, here:
    I love to be able to provoque such fantasies in other people's minds, this was one of the goals of this project!

  • irfa118

    Take Me Drunk, I'm Home is one of my favorites and Luke is definitely one of the major reasons.

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