Señora Robinson

by ikke

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In the 90's when I was a teenager, I always went on vacation to a friend of my mothers, in Spain. She was for me at that time "old", 35 years or so. That summer I took some dirty magazines with me. One afternoon I was reading the magazine while masturbating. She walked in, I didn't hear her. She saw what I was doing and the magazines. She was angry, she was threatening to call my parents and send me home. She asked me later if I knew why she was angry. I answered because I was too young ? She gave me a choice: she called my parents or she will teach me why she was angry. I chose the second option. First I had to get naked and masturbate myself and cum on her legs. Then she said in the magazines all the girls love cum, so now you lick your cum. After this I had to eat her out. I was shocked that her pussy was hairy. It was the first time I saw a pussy of an adult women... I learned a lot that vacation, and at the end of that vacation I burned all the magazines...

I went year after year on vacation to her ...

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