Seduction Of The Samurai

BY Ménade
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Entre mi porno favorito se encuentra el japonés. Y aunque los subgéneros son muy similares al occidental, hay algo que lo destaca más allá de los gemidos; son sus maneras, acercamientos; su fetiche por lamer pezones, por la caricia obsesa, la contemplación lasciva; y por supuesto, los hombres. He pasado incontables horas erotizando a Toshiro Mifune en una fantasía samurai, a Tadanobu Asano transpirando testosterona en algún enfrentamiento yakuza. Vaya! que me hago mujer cada que vez que veo Rashomon...

Among my favorite porn is Japanese. And although subgenres are very similar to the West, there is something that stands out beyond the groans ; it’s the way they approach porn ; licking the nipples, the obsessive caress, lascivious contemplation ; and of course, men. I have spent countless hours eroticizing Toshiro Mifune in a samurai fantasy, to Tadanobu Asano perspiring testosterone in a yakuza confrontation. Go! I become a woman every time I see Rashomon ...

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Iris Alba is a self educated photographer, living in the south of France and Paris. His work oscillates between raw fashion, weird erotica portraits and dark reportage. The series "Misfits" is an erotic and pornographic variation about sexual images: polaroids are like ludic, conceptual and poetic postcards we'll send, one day, to our grand-children

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