Same Time, Same Place

BY cornflakegirl
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

You have deep dark eyes. You speak a harsh language I don’t understand. Since the very first look you gave me across that table, I could not get over you. I flew all the way to your city just to see you. I pretended I was going there for tourism. You must have known I was pretending. I traveled all the way there because I had been dreaming about fucking you every single day. I had been dying to have you closer to me. I wanted to read the intricate story of your tattoos from your skin. I invited you out for a casual drink. I kissed you. You whispered: ‘Shall we go home?’. I can’t forget when we walked to your apartment. The way we undressed as if we had known each other forever. The way you indulged in cunnilingus as if you had known my body forever. The serious look in your eyes when you told me I was insatiable. The dirty words you pronounced when the pleasure had become almost unbearable. The way I felt empowered by being the woman who could give you so much pleasure. Pleasure that you could not handle. Pleasure that had unexpectedly come to find you from abroad.

You are a love lesson in another language, a story from another world that I want to keep on reading.

Almost a year has passed since we last met. Guess what? I am coming to your city again… Shall we go for a drink?

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