Ride My Man and Kiss My Girl

BY Thea

I would like to tell you, that I'm very inspired by your videos and the way you are working. I simply love the natural/everyday lineup. And the fact that I can relate to them. Absolutely fantastic. I'm a woman, 23 years old from Denmark, and I'm very interested in all kinds of sex. I'm planning on being a sexologist when I have finished my present education. I'm living with my boyfriend, we have been together for 1 year. Before I met him I was single for 1-2 years. In these years I tried something new and started dating other women. We were going to cafes, sleeping together, having drinks, taking part in Pride and so on. I also dated another women who was in a relationship with a man - she wanted to try it like me. And her man was ok with it. Actually I liked this period of my life. But at the same time I was afraid. Therefore I never had sex with a woman, but only kissed. But I still think about it and have fantasies - often. I talked with my boyfriend about this side of me, and I call myself bi-sexual. My secret is, that sometimes (often) when we have sex I am thinking of us together with one of the girls I have been dating before. I would love to lick a girl, sitting on the top of my head while the man I love is licking me at the same time. I would give the same pleasure to a woman as my man gives me in the same moment. It would be a perfect and the most erotic moment of my life. It should be in our apartment, in a natural and romantic way. And it should be a little kinky. At the moment we are playing and testing BDSM. Sometimes I think about putting a dildo inside her while I'm licking her, and my man licks me. And holding her breast tight. I like to grab my boyfriends neck, getting beat on my ass, scratching his chest and getting bound. My fantasy is with my boyfriend and a girl I have been dating for a while. I like the idea of the other girl sitting on top of my man, with her face towards mine, so I can ride my man and kiss the girl.

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  • Lunarskin
    Yesss I have done this for real (I was the other woman) and its amazing! I unfortunately am no longer seeing this couple so I would love a beautiful XC video to watch and remind of those amazing orgasms.
  • 123Moondog
    Just listening to "Let it be" by the Beatles... very appropriete!
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Cacao, a Brazilian erotic artist, invites us through her provocative and sweet drawings to the naturalization and free expression of female sexuality.