I am Pygmalion

BY Ekath
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Empty black space, I'm hidden staring at the center of the room where a cenital light illuminates a golden sofa where two greek statues are placed.
The statues are made of "white marble" and they are in a half-lying pose.
(both male,20 or 21 and looking like the statues from the classical art)
Suddenly they come to life and start kissing and touching each other passionately.
Then I snap my fingers and they can see me in the dark.
(we are all naked)
I own them and they do everything I ask them to..
They come to me crawling and lick my legs all the way till my vagina.
Then I make them fuck on top of me.I want the white paint of their bodies to cover mine and after that they both please me till I come endless times.

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