I put him in a trance

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Sometimes, with just a quirk of a smile and a flash of my eyes, he will go stupidly nonverbal. He will stare at me from wherever we are in space and time: across a restaurant table, in our kitchen, dancing to music, skinny dipping in the moonlight, and in these moments I see myself through his eyes– a goddess, almost unreal. He can’t seem to move in one direction or another, to figure out how to move his limbs or how to hold me. I love this power that I hold over him. If I move close, he begins to almost shake with a certain electricity, and I can sense the hair on the back of his arms rise. He is hard even before I touch him. He trembles beneath my fingers– I can feel his heart beating hard in his chest; feel his breath quicken, the sweat beading under his arms, and when I kiss him, he softly moans. It is if he can’t quite believe that I am there– warm and solid and in front of him. And when he slides into me, his eyes close and his mouth hangs just slightly open, and he just whispers “Oh God…”

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  • Tully Cork
    Sweet and hot
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Megan is a 35mm photographer based in London. Her work has been featured in various magazines and was published in the Mammoth Book of Erotic photography 2014. She tends to shoot friends and avoid fashion models, never using Photoshop. She loves tan lines and body hair and her intention is to present female sexuality, intimately from a female gaze - giving a glimpse into the world of female sexuality from a women’s point of view.

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