Nina Exotika

Porn Actor and Performer

Nina Exotika is from Buenos Aires but is based in Barcelona. She works as a nude art model for drawing and painting lessons. She is also coordinating workshops about exploring one's sensuality through dance, play, and body expression. She graduated as a Social Worker writing a thesis about lgbtqi+ human rights and queer Afro-Latin dance, investigating dances that break the cisheteronormativity in dance. 

Her main hobby is dancing! Especially heels, chair, and sensual dance. Fun fact: She looked for lap dance porn several times and never found anything interesting. So when the Lust team chose her to perform a lap dance to women, it was amazing for her! She couldn't believe it.

For her, porn it's an art that expresses sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, desires, fantasies,  and much more. It's very stimulating. She finds it very hypocritical that most people watch porn, and we seldom talk about that. There is a stigma on watching porn—especially on women. And I think most of this happens because we are used to cis heteronormative and violent porn. Luckily, amazing people are working to change that.

In the future, she wants to keep performing and would love to work behind the scenes, too, accompanying other performers during the process.

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