Perfect Match

by Bruno

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Dan Gluibizzi lives and works in Portland, Oregon. His work encapsulates the format of Tumblr, taking advantage of the digital era to appropriate contemporary cybernetics (nudes, sexting, video chat). He converts existing human figures to paper with watercolors, removing identity while playing with the silhouettes and colors.

I was on a business trip in London, when I met this amazing couple at Dukes. We had a connection from the very first moment! It was a perfect evening with great conversation and a few drinks. Finally I invited them to visit my hometown Vienna.
Back home I immediately told my wonderful girlfriend about that evening and those guys. We observed their social media pages and without any word from my side, my girl came up with the fantasy of having a foursome with them. Since then I can't think of anything else. I'm very much looking forward to their visit...

Soundtrack: Rhye - Open

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