My Obsession with Vulvas and Pee

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There are two things in this world that never fail to arouse me, the beauty of a woman's vulva particularly if the labia minora are large, and the sight of a woman peeing. Put the two together and there is no hope for me. I often fantasise about being under a woman with large dangling labia releasing an endless stream of pee. Its not so much the idea of getting peed on but more the desire to get a closeup view of a her labia and the urine leaving her body. I love to image just how the labia would move or how the vagina itself opens as she relaxes.

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Jacqueline Secor is a mixed media artist inspired by primitive art. Secor was born in the historical Gold Rush town of Placerville, California and grew up in Pollock Pines at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Growing up in an area full of natural beauty and historical significance has given her an appreciation for nature and our past. Secor relocated to Utah in 2006, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah Valley University; she now resides in Salt Lake City.