Nasty Women

BY Roxy Foxx
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I'm from the U.S but spend much of my time in and around Paris, as a vagabond. I knew the women’s march was going to take place back home but had no idea that it was coming to meet me in Paris, until it was right in front of me.
As I joined all of those beautiful women and (much to my delight, men too!) I felt an overwhelming emotional sensation. With signs in their hands that said things like "les femmes nasty" and "ne touche pas my pussy", I knew I was part of the proud tradition of protest.
As I walked along the street, a friend of mine found me and we went back to my place. The two of us have a strong flirtatious connection and have always had trouble making it inside without starting to kiss and undress in the hall. I love to have my nipples played with and she knows it, her lips and tongue are able to find just that right place, as if they were magnetized. As we stumbled inside she took out my favorite glass dildo and said "welcome to Paris". The two of us spent the rest of the afternoon acting out every detail of the movie "Room in Rome", even down to breakfast the next day.

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