Nailed by the Cross

BY The Good Shepherd
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

Ok, so we are the only non-religious people in our family or town and are victims constantly of their efforts to save us. So Easter Sunday was a good one this year. She said “I’m so tired of all the religious stuff being shoved down my throat on easter, so today, I want to have anal sex”. So, I decided to oblige. I had some peeps candy (easter marshmallow candy shaped like baby peeps candy if you have never seen them) which I planned to use to keep the mood fun and light. But, a much darker tone was used to set the scene. I put on my priestly attire and invited her into the room with my book of common prayer in hand. I began by telling her to confess her sins, which she did in such detail I could see she was still having her bisexual fantasies in her head. Then I pushed her to the floor and she unzipped my pants and began to suck on my cock, which, for the sake of the holiday sex had a cross drawn in permanent ink on it. She sucked me until I was hard while I recited a prayer about the forgiveness of sins from the Common Book of Prayer. Then I lifted her by grabbing her throat and placed her on hands and knees. I stuffed peeps into her mouth as a gag and couldn’t help laughing. Then I pushed the head of one into her ass and both of us laughed. Then I flogged her as Christ was flogged. After that, I pulled the peep out of her butt and gave her a vibrator. I fucked her ass (pierced her for her transgressions upon a cross) as she vibrated her pussy. Then I knelt and said one final prayer from the book and we laughed having reclaimed Easter for our own erotic purposes.

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