My father's friend(s)

BY Annie12
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One of my father's friends had my 19 year old pussy wet for the whole afternoon just by looking at me. I couldn’t wait to come home and masturbate for hours. 15 years later we met again and he was still eating me with his eyes over a dinner.
I was so horny that when his friend offered me a ride home, I accepted and gave him a blowjob while he was driving. I rode his nice, thick dick for hours that night, only to satisfy the desire in me.
The sex was good so we continued. One night, he fell asleep and I took his phone and texted his friend. He was at the office, alone, begging me to come over. I wore only a simple little black dress and no panties. I was wet even before he opened the door. Without any word, I entered his office, got down on my knees and gave him a blow job. He wanted to stop me cause he didn’t want to cum so fast, but I continued until I felt his sweet cum in my throat. I got up and he sat me on the table. When he discovered that I have no panties, his dick became hard again. He started to eat my pussy but my orgasm exploded. He then shoved his hard dick inside me and fucked me like an animal.
We were so hooked that we saw each other every day. It was cool for both of them to fuck me separately. So one day we all hung out together and I just started undressing.
I never felt such excitement. The 1st guy had two fingers in my pussy and was gently massaging my ass, while I was giving them a handjobs. The 2nd had my tit in his mouth. When I felt a finger slowly entering my ass, I moaned, asking for more and bent to take the other dick in my mouth. It was pleasure I’ve never felt before.
While I was sucking 1st's dick, 2nd fucked my pussy real tight. Then I rode the 2nd cock while telling the 1st to come into my ass. It was the most intense feeling of pleasure I’ve ever felt. A thick dick stretching my pussy and 2nd dick deep inside my ass. When 1st one took my tit into his mouth, I exploded. I kept repeating: Yes! Give it to me!
The 2nd exploded, filling my ass with warmth and yelling like a raging animal. The 1st 1 exploded on my tits.

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  • Satoris

    I LOVE this one! =)

  • Marques G
    Really Good!
  • xxxdld
    oh goshhhh, i want this too!!!
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