Motel Surprise Discovery

BY 123Moondog
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Hi, I'm a 30 y. old saleswoman, who sometimes needs a motelroom to stay overnight to get to clients on time the next day. This time, I was way up north, in an area I seldom visit. So, when it was time to get an room, I checked in in the first motel available. When I entered my room, I noticed it wasn't very clean, but good enough for one night. When I opened the drawer of the bed side table, I noticed there was a big, black dildo in there, clearly used! I wanted to throw it away, but got impressed by the size of that thing,it must have been 30 cm!

I felt my pussy getting wet, watching this monster in my hand, so I decided to use it in the bath! I cleaned it with some soap, and then I attached it to the side of the bath with the suction cup, and let myself down on it! I rode it, while I massaged my clit, until I came. Rosey from the bath and the sex I climbed in bed, with my black rubber friend. Did I dare to let it explore my butt? I was hot and lonely, so I decided to give it a go! Gently, I massaged my rectum, until it relaxed,wetted the dildo with saliva, and pushed it in slowly. It felt awkward at first, but soon I pushed it in and out all the way, while rubbing my clit. When I came it was so relaxing, that I felt asleep with it still in me. When I woke up, I pulled it out slowly, until it came out with a " plop " sound. The next morning I cleaned it up, and put it back in the drawer. Maybe the next guest will love it too!

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