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BY jingox
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

This fantasy is one told to me by a very close friend who absolutely loves to masturbate, and particularly loves being watched while doing it. Up to now she has masturbated with a number of boyfriends, but what she really wants to do is to masturbate in front of an audience of about five or six people, both guys and girls, preferably people she doesn't know.

She wants them to get so turned on by her touching herself that they can't resist masturbating. She is naked in front of them, maybe on a bed or a couch, then they say something like "You are turning me on so much that I really need to masturbate. Do you mind if I do?" Then they all progressively start masturbating until everyone is doing it together.

Two particular things she has said are firstly, she doesn't want all the guys to come on her as she would find that too much, and too demeaning. Her pleasure is very important in this scenario and she doesn't want to just be someone for them all to come onto.

Secondly, she would love for a girl to suck her breasts while she is masturbating as that turns her on almost more than anything else, but she has never been with a girl.

Your Comments

  • Phedre

    I love this idea, a show for everyone but not in any way self demeaning.

  • sappholovers

    Such a beautiful contagion of erotic energy sparked by her self-play.

    Let her--and our--boundaries dissolve as one female tongue (and then perhaps another) circle her nipples, sucking us all into erotic bliss.

  • Mastubator
    Love the idear as she is naked and open and the men and women looking mastubating and coming on them self and maybe one come on the breast the girls is sucking on
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