Massage me and my pussy

BY Tinkiiibell
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I am a young woman. I love massages. I usually get one or two per month. I prefer being massaged by women. It makes me more feel more comfortable. Lying on the massage table, I fantasies a lot. I love having her hands all over my "almost" naked body (panties only ;)!!).. I often wish, the women massaging me would just start penetrating me between my leg, licking my vagina softly with her tounge.... putting her oily fingers into my wet pussy, and massaging it wild until I orgasm, as there was no tomorrow.

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Andrew Ryan is a talented photographer who captures the raw intimacy and passion of lovers. He lives in Athens, GA and travels trough the US to shoot his unique pictures. He also curates - an arousing blog that recollects anonymous images of amateur lust.

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