Let's skip the fight and go right for the make-up sex

BY andresp
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I was dating a beautiful german/asian from another town (we lived 70km from each other) and one day we had a discussion on the phone. I asked her to come to my city so we could finish the matters in person. I picked up her at the bus station around 8pm and drove to a quiet spot so we could... break up.
We started to talk, what lead us to kissing. I got handsy and her silky soft tights drove me crazy. When I realized, she already did unbutton my shirt AND my jeans. I took off her blouse, bra and panties (she was wearing a skirt) then I got naked and we had such a wild, amazing sex on the front seat. When we finished 30min later, I realized there was one guy (a patrimonial guard) that might have watched the whole thing. We dressed up quickly and I drove away.
I headed back to the bus station. As soon as we arrived, I told her I was horny because of that all and, since we were in the car yet, she started to rub my penis over my pants then told me she wouldn't leave me that way, so she unzipped my jeans and and started a BJ - and there was a lot of people that could see it. I drove around the block, we moved to the back-seat and we had sex again - she told me, in the middle of the action, that she always fantasized about doing it like this. When we finished, I drove back around the block, dropped her at the bus station and we both headed back to our homes, happy and satisfied.

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