Lucid Dreams & Vivid Orgasms

BY MissyMag
Confess Your Erotic Fantasy

My girlfriend told me her fantasy... It was a nice chilly winter evening and we just had our candlelight dinner after which we told each other about our dreams, fantasies and sometimes real pretty sexy events that already took place. I loved to renenact these scenes in my head and it left me wishing for more. This storytelling was heating things up pretty fast. My girlfriend told me that once she had a wet dream which turned out to be her ex-boyfriend licking her. It was some kind of luciddream where she changed states of mind in between sleeping, sexual arousment and the real vivid world. She loved these transcending between worlds and it somehow felt like floating. (were there drugs before going to sleep? What do I know?) She told me that she wanted this to happen again. It left me with mixed feeling since I want to have sex with my partners only if can make sure the want it too, but on the other hand, she said that she would want it to happen and if I just let it happen as always, really slowly with big foreplay I would get the permission from her body. So tonight we went out to party and she left me wanting more with her sexy outfit and her whispers in my ear, but after showering I found her asleep, with her tight black dress and her legs wide spread. So now I will check for approval with my skillful tongue.

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Venus Libido is a female illustrator based in South East England. Her work is a reflection of her bitterness and irritation towards a male dominated society and issues that stem from mental health and being body conscious. She portrays images that are provoking yet comical, addressing and illustrating issues that are validating to those in similar situations.

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